A Binding Book with Imagiro

“Totoro!!!!” That was my first expression when I saw a beautiful work made by my lovely friend, Novita.

I glanced outside of my window, the weather still showed me how sad it was. Rainy morning.
It was 7 a.m. I decided to pull up my blanket and enjoyed the morning as comfy as I could. Today was my day off anyway, Saturyeay!
But, there’s something that I have to do, meeting with my friend, Novita! She’s my friend when we were in college and wanted to share with me something crafty that she’s been doing all this time. So exciteeeed!

We met in our campus because her studio wasn’t ready yet to visit.
My eyes were getting bigger as if a cute kitten widens his sparkling eyes when she showed me what she had in her bag. A bunch of colorful and beautiful notebooks. Yeap! Today she’s going to teach me how to bind a book.

I love the way she showed me her beautiful works by telling every books that she made her own self especially when she puts an eye catching illustrations. The uniqueness about her illustrations are mostly about Ghibli anime characters such as Totoro, Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, etc.

These are heaven. I just can’t. Want to have them all!



She told me that she’s not into Japanese style-mode. But, it just came in her mind when she was participating one of the Japanese festivals in Bandung by selling her artworks. Fortunately, her notebooks are sold out, even they were begging her to make a pre-order as their desires of having her works.

She named her notebook as Imagiro. That name came from the way she love the art of folding the paper from Japan which called Origami. That’s why most of her notebook are quadrilateral. And you know what? What I lovely Imagiro because she’s doing this with her lovely boyfriend. How sweet!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Binding time!

Once she lends me the yarn, I was really confused how to start binding. It looks harder to do than saw her stitching the book effortlessly. She told me that she use basic binding, feston stitch as her signature. Sometimes she also use another type of stitching, but it’s arduous for her when the order was plentiful. Yet, it was delightful when she guided me patiently (I knew I tried my best Miss Novita :D).

It was such an honor for me because she told me that I am the first one who taught by her at binding. It was a pleasant time during listening her delightful story behind her Imagiro. I hope someday I can see when Imagiro can spread the happiness to people who own her artworks as I am.
I will definitely wait for your workshop, Novita.

P.S :
– I got the link in case you curious how to bind your own book. Kindly check http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-bind-your-own-Hardback-Book/
– We can see her works by typing @helloimagiro on our Instagram. Don’t hesitate to say hello or ask anything to her. She’s a heartwarming girl I know. 😀

Have a lovely day! 🙂


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